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The family character, built on the farm where they lived eight generations of the same family Aranesa over the past 200 years.

Deth Camin Reiau, with its spacious apartments, and a typical mountain construction, combining stone, wood, and wonderful views, offers a comfortable stay in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Rent apartments Baqueira Beret, located in the beautiful village of Arties, in a valley that has forged its character and its inhabitants over the centuries by its particular strategic location.


, INICIO, Deth Camin Reiau
Camin Reiau means ‘royal path’ and dates back to the ancient Roman era. Suitably so, the name of Deth Camin Reiau was inspired by Arties, the charming little hillside village within which it is located. The reason for that is that Arties is infused with elements of old-world heritage and Romanesque art.

There are two landmark churches, the Santa María Parish Church and the Gothic Church of Sant Joan. The Santa María Parish Church is estimated to date back to the 11th-12th centuries and has a distinct bell tower that was added on – another century or so later.

The Church of Sant Joan, also known as the church of Sant Joan de Foixà; is said to have been refurbished by the countess Ermisinde of Barcelona in 1058.

Most of the structure of the current building dates back to the 16th century – but it is still interlaced with some of those original architectural features from the 12th century. Arties furthermore boast numerous other buildings such as the Çò de Paulet House and Portolá House that both showcase characteristic Aragonese architecture from as far back as the 16th century.

Another captivating attribute of this quaint little village is the public bath and two springs with waters that are rich in sulphur – that are right on the edge of it. Visitors will no doubt also be delighted by a once in a lifetime the opportunity to get up close and personal with two bears. The two bears live in a protected, marked area in an open-air recreation area in the village. The best part is that all this is within walking distance from Deth Camin Reiau.


, INICIO, Deth Camin Reiau
, INICIO, Deth Camin Reiau

Surrounded by whispers of ancient mythological stories

The name of the Pyrenees Mountains is said to have its origins in Greek mythology. Legend has it that the Pyrenees got its name from princess Pyrene, the virgin daughter of the Mediterranean King Bevryx. King Bevryx once invited Hercules to his kingdom and offered him the spoils of his latest loot. Hercules, who was notorious for his lustful behaviour – then helped himself to king’s daughter by force, instead of helping himself to a share of the plunder. Subsequently, Pyrene gave birth to a serpent and ran into the woods to escape her father’s wrath, just to be torn apart by wild animals.

Arties is more than 1144 metres above sea level, nestled in an opening of the picturesque Valley of Arán. A dominant feature of this awe-inspiring valley is the majestic Montarto Peak that forms part of the Pyrenees Mountains and that reaches close to 2833 metres into the Spanish skies. Deth Camin Reiau offers an unparalleled view of this peak and the mountain slopes that surround it. The Garonne River flows through the valley and there are a multitude of lakes in and around the village that will have large appeal to anglers. When it comes to fauna, there are a number of nature conservation programmes in the area, as it is home to several endangered species, such as the brown bear, the rock ptarmigan (a game-bird that forms part of the grouse family), the Aran rock lizard and the bearded vulture.

Upon his return to this area, Hercules discovered her shredded remains. Heartbroken with remorse and grief, he laid her to rest peacefully and demanded that the surrounding geography preserve her name. Mountains shuddered when he shouted “PYRENE” in his strong sorrow-ridden Herculean voice – just to be echoed by the wild beasts and rock-cliffs around it. It is believed that these mountains have been holding on to her name ever since and throughout the centuries.


, INICIO, Deth Camin Reiau
A major attraction of Arties is of course the fact that it is just a few kilometres away from the world famous Baqueira Beret Ski Resort. Baqueira Beret is also the largest and most frequented winter resort in the whole of Spain.

Some of the main reasons for the resort’s popularity include the fact that it is located in the highest part of the Valley of Arán that has a great statistical record of snow in winter. It also has long and wide ski runs, vertical drops of more than 1000 and an almost inexhaustible quota of skiable zones, some in between regal ‘lanes’ of forest trees. Click here for more information about Baqueira Beret Ski Resort.

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